20 9 2018

Tribute to Van Eyck

In 2020, Ghent will pay tribute during one year to Van Eyck. The Flemish Master is inextricably linked to the city through his world-famous masterpiece, the Mystic Lamb. He will be celebrated through a major exhibition. At this occasion, Ghent will offer a full programme in order to show the legacy of this virtuoso master and how it is still very much alive in the city and its inhabitants after six centuries.
The famous Van Eyck masterpiece will also be remembered during the Ghent Floralies festival.

More information about the Van Eyck Year can be found here.

18 9 2018

Theme Floraliën 2020 :
My paradise, my Worldly Garden

In our modern society of rationalism, great influence of technology, rapid means of communication and individualization, people are increasingly searching for silence and peace, for themselves and for their personal paradise. This personal paradise differs according to each person. Some find it in a green living room, in urban green, in parks or nature reserves. Others thrive closer to home in their garden, while enjoying well grown food from their own soil or simply while walking in green areas.

A Worldly Garden reflects the social, cultural, economic and geographical structures that are typical of the city of Ghent, the medieval Mystic Lamb painting, the 17th century garden of Bishop Triest of Ghent, ... My Paradise, a Worldly Garden indeed also refers to the Mystic Lamb painting by the Van Eyck brothers, and to an image of Bishop Triest’s garden. This image shows both a utility garden and a pleasure garden with indigenous as well as exotic plants. A citrus tree, for example, the ultimate symbol of Italy, is seen in Bishop Triest’s pleasure garden. This allows the exhibition to participate in visualizing the past and present of Ghent, a city at the intersection of the Lys and Scheldt rivers; a green, attractive and makeable city.

Throughout history, Ghent has been a melting pot of diversity and cross-fertilization between different people and different cultures. The city streets, the architecture, the culture and the people: all continue to reflect this. 

17 9 2018

Flemish Horticulture on a sustainable and international level

2018 has been a year of many new initiatives that symbolize the wind of change at Ghent Floralies. Ghent Floralies is indeed working hard to prepare the next big 2020 edition and has set up various partnerships with organizations within its sector.

On our way to ---, we wish to create, together with our partners, a platform dedicated to the value of flowers and plants. Flowers and plants are living building blocks for people and society. This is why Ghent Floralies will stimulate and promote the Horticulture of today and tomorrow (research, tree nursery, floriculture sector, florists, gardeners, landscapers, flower shops, garden centers, organic farmers ...).

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