Programme of the Floraliën 2022


The nearest station is Gent-Sint-Pieters. From the the station to Floraliën it takes 10 minutes.

The last train to Brussels and Leuven leaves at 11:48 pm. The last train to Antwerp leaves at 11:26 pm, and the last train towards the coast at 01:06 am.  

More information can be foundon the website of the SNCB.

Additional bike racks will be put at the entrance of ICC. If you come by train to Ghent, you can rent the bikes from Blue Bike cycling.

Useful for spending a day of Ghent!

If you come to Ghent by train, you can also use the Blue Bike at Gent-Sint-Pieters (or Gent-Dampoort) station. Handy for those who make it a day in Ghent!

De Lijn has an excellent range of busses and trams to take you to Floraliën Gent. There are plenty of trams and buses deployed and there is public transport until 01:00 am;

Line 1: Hop off at Nassaustraat

Line 34-35-36-55-58-70-71-72-76-77-78-N76-N70 : Stop Ledeganckstraat
Line 5-8-293-N5 : Stop Ottergemsesteenweg

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Floraliën Gent is easy to reach by public transport. If you still want to come by car, best park your car out of town. For those who live outside Ghent, there can be no other option than the car. You could then choose to carpool! Register on a carpoolwebsite and share a car with some floral soulmates.

Coachescan embark and disembark passengers at Hofbouwlaan.  From this Kiss & Ride zone, visitors can easily visit Floraliën.



The entrance is at the main entrance of ICC, Ghent. 

Familie van Rysselberghedreef 2, 9000 Ghent

Accessibility disabled people

Floraliën is screened in function of wheelchair users and blind and low-vision people. We provide sufficient passageway and we limit level differences for a better walking comfort. 

Our volunteers are ready and happy to help you.  

Disabled people may be companioned by one person. This person may enter free of charge.

In the run-up to the event, specific accessibility and accessibility information will be made available on our website.

Low emission zone Ghent

To improve air quality, Ghent’s inner city (the area within the ring road R40) is a low-emission zone. Only vehicles that meet the conditions for admission are allowed into this zone. Vehicles with a foreign number plate that are admitted must be registered.

Can your car enter the low-emission zone?
Check your vehicle’s Euro standard and fuel type. The Euro standard is indicated by means of a number. You find the Euro standard in the registration document in the ‘environmental category’ section. The higher the Euro standard, the cleaner your car.

Do you want to know whether your car can enter the LEZ?
Fill in the test.

Park & Ride

When you come to Ghent, make it easy on yourself: avoid the hustle and bustle of the city and take a parking on one of the six Park + Ride locations at the Ghent border. Come by tram or bus to the Arts District.
P + R Flanders Expo - take exit 14-Flanders Expo
P+R Gentbrugge Arsenaal (next to the railway).
P + R Oostakker Through the R4, exit 3-Oostakker
Drivers can also go in the car parks Station Gent Sin-Pieters and Gent Zuid. The parking Station Gent Sint-Pieters is situated near the start of Floraliën. The car parks remain open 24 hours a day.  
Bus parking
(longer than 30 minutes) can be done on one of the coach car parks:
*Parking Dampoort : costs € 0,5/hour or € 5/day
* ParkingYachtdreef

Motorists can also use the non-urban car parks of Station Gent-Sint-Pieters and Zuiderpoort. The car park at Gent-Sint-Pieters Station is conveniently located at the start of the Floralies walking track. The municipal car parks are open 24 hours a day, but it is not always easy to find a free parking spot.
If you want to try anyway, this is the place to be:
Car park Savaanstraat - follow P4 and Car park Sint Pietersplein - follow P10

Parking the coach (longer than 30 minutes) can be done at one of the coach parkings:

* Longer parking is possible at the Dampoort car park. This costs € 0.5/hour or € 5/day. The Dampoort car park has space for 24 coaches.
* Coaches can park completely free of charge on the Yachtdreef. There is no parking time limit and 14 coaches can park there.




logo Floraliën Gent

  • Gent ICC - Citadelpark
  • Van Rysselberghedreef 2 bus 3
  • 9000 Gent
K.M.L.P. Gentse Floraliën VZW
Familie Van Rysselberghedreef 3/3
9000 Gent
BE 0406.711.102