Date, opening hours and tips

Dates & opening hours

Friday 29 April to Sunday 8 May 2022
08h00 to 18h00 (last entry at 17h30)
Also discover our nocturne experience evenings on Sunday 1 May and from Wednesday 4 May to Sunday 8May.

Nocturne walks

A new experience during Floralies Ghent 2022 are our Nocturne walks. After long waiting and dreaming, the doors will open at 19:00 for an exciting tour through Floralies.

Stroll along a fairylike illuminated route, musical interludes and above all... listen to the whispering flowers and plants around you.

During the animated floral total experience, you will be pampered, both at the start and halfway through, with a glass of bubbles or an alternative.

This formula is offered exclusively on Sunday 1 May and from Wednesday 4 May to Saturday 7 May 2022.

Nocturne whispering walk

Would you rather enjoy the power and beauty of nature in silence, in thousands of colours and scents? Then you can do so during the exclusive whispering walk, on Sunday 8 May 2022 at 19:00.

Adopt a tree

People who decide fast and buy their tickets for a Nocturne walk before 31/12/2021 will have a nice bonus: every ticket holder of a Nocturne walk adopts a tree in the Floralies' forest, which will be on display in 't Kuipke during Floralies 2022.

Afterwards, during the planting season from November to March, all trees will be planted in East Flanders. After the planting, an official inauguration is organised during which all the godfathers and godmothers of the adopted trees can get to know each other.

Tips from Floraliën


At Floralies you will find a catering point with its own identity and quality. Fresh, tasty and ready to eat: that's all it takes. With vegetarian and vegan options, so everyone can enjoy.


Ghent is the city where contemporary and medieval architecture and culture merge into a unique whole. You enter the city and are immediately overwhelmed by the coherence of old and new. You walk past stately mansions that have defined the street scene for centuries and are suddenly surprised by a sleek facade that was only recently built.

Stroll along the waterways that cut through the historic center and on which you can see the reflection of sumptuous historic buildings and then relax on one of the many terraces in Ghent. You can enjoy one of the many local specialties, from beer to culinary wonders, in Ghent you will find it all.

Also visit our Ambassadors in the center of Ghent.

More information will follow soon.


Are you going on an ornamental tour through East Flanders? Combine your cycling or walking trip with an overnight stay in Bloeiend Oost-Vlaanderen or in Ghent. This way you can discover even more and enjoy being surrounded by greenery.

Partners Floraliën

For a soft bed and more tourist information you can also contact the East Flanders blooming hospitality ambassadors and the GGG vzw (Guild Ghent Guest Rooms).
All hospitality ambassadors welcome you with open arms.


Theater production: "The Mystery Revealed"

As part of the "Van Eyck year", Luk De Bruyker wrote the theater production "The Mystery Revealed" for Taptoe's yard.

In this evocation, the Burgundian era comes to life and the audience is introduced to Philip the Good and the Van Eyck brothers. They were commissioned by the Vijd family to paint the triptych "The Lamb of God.
Who commissioned the painting, why, how did the triptych end up in St. John's Church, what techniques did the Van Eyck brothers develop to paint it, where did they get their inspiration...and who painted the many flowers and plants...?
Many questions that all get an answer in this performance.

A mix of theater, singing, puppets and shadow play in the well-known Theater Taptoe style.

With Ann De Prest (soprano), Luk De Bruyker and Alain Ongenaet.


In Ghent, of course, you can't ignore the culture. The Castle of the Counts, St. Bavo's Cathedral ...and the 9 city museums (S.M.A.K., STAM, De Wereld van Kina, MSK, Museum Dr. Guislain, Het Huis van Alijn and the MIAT) guarantee an educational experience! In addition, there are also temporary exhibitions throughout the year, spread throughout the city.


But even for the shoppers among us, Ghent has plenty to offer, and that is certainly not limited to the main shopping streets. In the cosy alleys and streets you will also find special little boutiques, each of which will make its own mark on your shopping adventure in Ghent city centre. 
You can find more information on this site


Pop-up "Groot Vleeshuis" on Goudenleeuwplein in the heart of Ghent is the unique setting for enjoying all the delicacies of East Flanders. Discover our typical products such as beer, ham, cheese, mustard, matting cake, chocolate, gin, cuberdons, but also the European recognized Ghent azalea, which is displayed year round in a contemporary setting. This is thanks to cooperation with all the ornamental plant associations, including the Floralies.


Visit the province of East Flanders and the city of Ghent.

Routen | Start your cycling and walking adventure in East Flanders

Provinciaal domein Het Leen

Would you like to enjoy more green paradise besides your visit to the Floralies?
In the provincial domain Het Leen you will find an arboretum of 6 ha with about 9 000 plants.
Follow the walking route 'My Paradise, My Worldly Garden' and get to know the extensive collections of Camellia, Viburnum, Rhododendron and Magnolia.

Would you like to visit the arboretum with a guide? Order your walk via

A free visit to Het Leen is free. A guide costs €50 for a 2-hour walk with a maximum of 25 people.

Gentsesteenweg 80, 9900 Eeklo (at 25 km from the Floralies)
T 09 376 74 74