Program of Floraliën 2022

My Paradise, My Worldly Garden

"My paradise, my worldly garden" will be the theme of Floralies in 2022.
In our society people are increasingly looking for silence and rest, for themselves and for their personal paradise. That paradise lies in a different place for everyone. Some find it in their green living room, others feel best in a park or in their own garden.


A worldly garden

Van Eyck painted The Mystic Lamb in our city and millions of visitors come to admire his masterpiece every year. The middle panel of The Mystic Lamb shows a heavenly medieval garden full of symbolism. It is a lush setting of worldly plants and flowers.

Biologist Paul Van den Bremt and pharmacist Hilde Van Crombrugge recognize no less than 75 different species of flowers in it. The colors of the work blossom during Floralies in fairy-like spectacles. You will also be able to smell the flowers that appear in The Mystic Lamb.

The book is available through our webshop.


The print of Bishop Triest's garden, just outside of Ghent, clearly shows a separated utility garden and pleasure garden. In the gardens we see both native and non-native utility and ornamental plants. In this way, a picture is painted around the use and migration of flowers and plants.


Wim Opbrouck features the campaign image of the next edition as an angel with wings of flowers. The actor lost his heart completely to the city of Ghent and also clearly left his mark on life in our city in the past.

Something for everyone!

Floraliën 2022 is for everyone. Do you want to know more about green art, floral art and flower art?

Flowers and plants will of course be at the centre of the event. The organisation wants to bring together young and old who care about flowers and plants, and to gather and share knowledge about them.

More than ever, the Floraliën are aimed at a broad public in the city, the region and abroad. Come and see for yourself!

The 36th edition of the Floraliën will once again take place in the familiar CCI buildings, the Floralies Hall and the Kuipke. The Citadel Park is the largest park and the green lung of Ghent. Here you can discover the symbolic meaning of flowers and plants have had over the years.

In the spotlight: Top florists, horticulturalists and garden architects

Belgian florists versus the Mystic Lamb

Belgian florists are the contemporary versions of the Van Eyck brothers. Why this comparison? Because floral creations are also composed with extreme precision and an eye for detail.

The mysteries that can be found in this masterpiece are also present in the beautiful floral works. Each piece raises questions, but not every question has an unambiguous answer.

When: 8 am to 6 pm

Where: Floraliën Trail, Pedro de Gante Hall, ICC, Citadel Park

Price: Floraliën entrance ticket


Houseplants bring your interior to life

Do you feel that something is missing in your interior? Does your house feel empty and do you not know how to fill up the rooms? Then this is the solution: house plants! With one or more plants, you bring colour and life into your home.
Did you know that green houseplants such as the spoon plant and the scindapsus purify the air? Or that houseplants have a calming effect? Even if you are only looking for nice decoration for your interior, you are on the right track. In short, having plants in your house is always a good idea!

It has been trending amongst students for a while now, but you too can put plants in your bedroom and turn it into a green jungle. Or put one in the bathroom for a fresh scent. Let your creativity run wild and create your own (plant) paradise!                                                                                                                             
When: 8h00 to 18h00

Where: Floraliën Trail, Casino Hall, ICC, Citadel Park

Price: Entrance ticket Floraliën

The Ghent Azalea: the pride of Flemish ornamental plant cultivation

Did you know that in addition to frying chips, making chocolates and brewing beer, Belgians are also excellent at something else? Namely in growing Ghent azaleas! No other country in the world can do what the Flemish azalea grower can. Curious about a few facts?

90 % of Europe's azaleas are grown in ornamental plant nurseries in East Flanders. Every year, 25 million azaleas are grown in Flanders.
In 2010, the Ghent azalea was recognised as a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI). No European ornamental plant product had received this recognition before.
When? 8 am to 6 pm

Where: Floraliën route, Floraliën hall, ICC, Citadel Park

Price: Entry ticket Floraliën


Welcome to the Mystic Lamb!

Ready for a special walk through the Mystic Lamb by the Van Eyck brothers? Did you know that this is one of the most influential paintings ever made? The Flemish horticultural and greenery sector brings this artistic highlight of Flemish painting to life in this iconic Floralies Hall with Flemish flowers, plants, shrubs and trees in all their shapes, colours and scents.
Experience in the Floralies' Hall how art and greenery are intertwined and hopefully after this 10-day experience you will also choose a green environment, because green contributes to a healthy and happy living environment!

When? 8h00 to 18h00

Where: Floraliën Trail, Floraliën Hall, ICC, Citadel Park

Price: Entrance ticket Floraliën

SST HERE THE FUTURE GERMINATES! Interaction, education, experience and trends are key words!

Behind the splendour that you can admire in the ICC, the Floraliën Palace and the Kuipke, there is a network of scientists working every day on tomorrow's floriculture.

Installations in cooperation with Technopool Sierteelt show a dynamic and interactive interpretation for young and old. You will discover a sustainable sector that continues to surprise us with innovations thanks to breeding, that researches new plants and trees that are more adapted to climate change, that makes the most of the ecosystem services that plants and trees can offer us, and that uses natural enemies to fight pests.

Find out more about these four topical themes at the free educational science event organised by ILVO, HOGENT, UGent and PCS. Together they form Technopool Sierteelt, where the future of floriculture germinates.

When? 8h - 17h30

Where: Ghent University Botanical Garden, Citadelpark

Price: Free entrance


Climate trees

Did you know that trees are also an answer to the effects of climate change? They purify the air by absorbing CO2 and filtering particulates. Leaves provide shade and evaporating water limits flooding and cools the air. Together with shrubs and perennials, they make an important contribution to biodiversity and to our living environment.
There are various types of climate trees.

Golden tip: try to combine different species and sizes. There is a wide selection of avenue trees, fruit trees, topiary trees such as espaliers and multi-stemmed specimens. 

When: 8 am to 6 pm

Where: Floraliën route, Floraliën hall ICC Citadel Park

Price: Entry ticket Floraliën

A forest in the cycling paradise

Flanders breathes cycling culture. Did you know that every weekend thousands of recreational and sportive cyclists conquer the Flemish landscape?
In the 'bicycle paradise', the roles are reversed. The central square of 't Kuipke will be transformed into a Flemish forest consisting of six natural Flemish forest types. These range from the wet Alder woods along the Flemish rivers to the drier Pine-Oak woods of the Kempen.

The composition consists of a central open space under the sun. Does this ring a bell? It is a nod to the paintingThe Mystic Lamb by the brothers Van Eyck. The very old forest, shrouded in a mystical atmosphere with mist, forms an iconic image that merges with the characteristic shape of the cycling track.

When: 8 am to 6 pm

Where: Floraliën course, Kuipke ICC Citadel Park

Price: Entrance ticket Floraliën


Nature is healthy

It is not a good idea to live without nature around us, for example in a grey urban web, a deadly concrete jungle. That this is nevertheless the habitat of more than 50% of the world's population should be of greater concern to us. The right to a humane environment is being violated day after day. After all, a life without nature makes us sick and weak. That nature is important for our physical health has been clear for a very long time. There is also more than enough scientific evidence to prove that nature has a huge influence on our mental and social health. More nature guarantees a better climate, a liveable environment and greater biodiversity. Nature has a caring character; this is probably determined by evolution. In any case, the presence of nature guarantees a healthier environment for us humans. Such a natural environment is one in which we can relax, which can be healing, in which we feel at home. We all know that this is important. That is why I am making this plea for more NATURE.

When to attend: 8 a.m. to 5.30 pm

Where: Ghent University Botanical Garden, Citadelpark

Price: Free entrance

Plant with a story

Discover the most touching, the most original plant stories in the Floraliën Hall

With 'Plants with a Story', people talk about their lives through 'their' plant. For some people, their plant has a particular meaning. A plant reminds them of a distant journey, a loved one, a fun or sad event. They take care of their plant with love and patience. Here you see the result of our search for plants with a story. The most touching, the most original stories were selected.

When: 8 am to 6 pm

Where: Floraliën route, Kuipke, ICC, Citadel Park

Price: Entrance ticket Floraliën


Parallel activities in Ghent

Blok je groen

The Faculty of Bioscience Engineering, HOGENT (Research Center 360° Care and Welfare), Nature@Work, the library communities of the UGent Association and the Floraliën of Ghent are joining forces to transform several study locations into green oases. 

Not only stress and overstrain but also burnout are becoming more and more common among young people. There are already many great initiatives such as tele-study & planning and opening up study locations that not only offer peace but also social contact.
Recent scientific research has shown that a green environment reduces stress and increases concentration. That is why the Floraliën of Ghent want to help put young people in green spaces as much as possible and investigate and, hopefully, promote mental well-being at the same time.

Are you a student and want to visit one of the green oases? 
Find all the participating libraries here!

Floraliën Ghent: two centuries of renewal and innovation

By using visual material from the rich archive of the Royal Society, visitors to the provincial government building will get an idea of the evolution of ornamental plant cultivation in Flanders and the great efforts our ornamental plant growers have made in the past two centuries to make the region around Ghent the flower region of our country.

Also more recent moving image material will be shown at the exhibition: a time-lapse from the construction to the dismantling of the Floraliën in 2005 and a compilation of the opening ceremonies with royal visit since 1990. The Exhibition is organized by Community Floraliën with Jos De Wael as the driving force.

When is it on? April 2 - May 8 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: Provinciehuis, Gouvernementstraat Ghent

Price: Free admission

Exhibition: ‘Floraliën in het Huis van Alijn’

From 29 April to 8 May, real flowers and plants make their entrance into the House of Alijn. In each museum room, discover the story and the symbolism behind the flowers and plants that colour our daily lives.

The role of flowers and plants in our daily lives

Flowers and plants give fragrance and colour to our lives. They brighten up our living rooms, bring taste to the kitchen and provide a fresh scent to the bathroom. At important moments in our lives, they are there. The garland of flowers in your hair on your first communion, a carefully selected wedding bouquet or a houseplant that always moves with you. They offer comfort, wish happiness and brighten up our lives. They are sometimes inconspicuous or, on the contrary, very prominent. Because of their great symbolic value, they play an important role in our customs, traditions and rituals.

Exhibition in cooperation with Blommm and Little Green Stories

Why do we attach so much importance to flowers and plants? How did they end up in our homes, on our plates, in our glasses or in our beauty products? Discover the symbolism behind the flowers and plants in our daily lives in this temporary exhibition with flowers and plants from the Ghent traders Blommm and Little Green Stories.

Curious about more stories? Join one of the boarding tours or request a group visit.



Check here for opening hours and more info:

Entry level tours

View the opening hours and sign up for a guided tour here:

Where: House of Alijn, Kraanlei 65 - 9000 Ghent

Price: Included in a museum ticket. Special offer: on presentation of your ticket for Floralies 2022 you can visit the museum for € 2.00 (valid from 29.04 - 08.5)


Heavenly Orchids

Botanical illustrations from the library of Floraliën

On the occasion of the 36th Floraliën of Ghent, which will take place from 28 April to 8 May 2022, the exhibition "Paradisiacal Orchids" will be set up in Liberas on the Kramersplein in Ghent.

This demonstration, which is part of the Floralies’ Community, will present an image of and insight into the rich diversity of the tropical and subtropical orchid world. This is illustrated with lithographs and documents from the Floraliën library, and with living plants. The emphasis is on the many genera that were gathered from their natural habitats in the 19th and 20th centuries and imported into Europe and commercialised. The work of the amateur orchid grower who brings earlier varieties back to life is also discussed. 

When: from April 29 to May 8 : from 9 am to 5 pm

Where: Liberas, Kramersplein Ghent

Price: Free admission

Organisation: Community Floraliën

Experience the Floraliën at the Hotel d'Hane Steenhuyse in Ghent!

To experience and taste the Floraliën in the city, the city - together with the traders' organisation PuurGent, Historische Huizen Gent and the local trade and catering industry - is organising various activities in the city centre. 
The majestic home of the noble family d'Hane Steenhuyse in Veldstraat will be transformed into a true floral paradise from 29 April to 8 May. The staircase and surrounding rooms will be decorated by a floral designer, florists and growers from Ghent. A unique (and free) spectacle for young and old! Combine your visit with a few Floraliën tasting sessions at Ghent businesses or book a Floraliën menu at one of the participating restaurants. Especially for Mother's Day, children can participate in a flower workshop at the Kouter on Sunday 8 May, which is also a Shop-on-Sunday.

29 April - 8 May (+ 8 May flower workshop for children) 10:00 - 18:00
Location: d'Hane Steenhuyse - Veldstraat
Free entrance



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Cycling through fields full of flowers, in East Flanders

Cycling along flowers is a mix of enjoyment, romance and relaxation in nature. And it’s simply having a good time. Do you also want to cycle across flowers and blossoms? Then you are at the right place, in East Flanders.

Azaleas, begonias, roses, rhododendrons, trees or other plants, East Flanders is the center of horticulture. It is therefore not surprising that you can cycle between the many fields or greenhouses. Especially in the region between Lochristi and Wetteren you can enjoy the colourful and leafy green fields.

Tourism East Flanders has mapped out five cycle routes that allow you to discover these beautiful spots.

With these bike routes you will be immersed in a world of trees, azaleas and horticultural businesses - but also culture and history. Ready for a trip that puts all your senses to work? Hop on your bike and discover the most fragrant and colorful bicycle routes that can be found in our province. We've already picked two for you.

Cycling in the heart of the Azalea region is a cycle route of about 40 km. The route starts at the old rectory in Zaffelare. You can immediately plan your first stop there, because the local floriculture museum puts the pioneers of floriculture in the spotlights. The route takes you further to the azalea growers and the Park of Beervelde.

Cycling along Begonia fields (32 km) says it all. This cycle route in Laarne brings you to the begonia growers. The begonia is a typical and well-known regional product in East Flanders. It’s an attractive top product. The route brings you to the castle of Laarne and along imposing and at the same time lovely begonia fields. But also via the Kalkense Meersen, an extensive nature reserve.

Want to jump on the bike? Interested in discovering the other routes? Visit and download the cycling routes.

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