Program of Floraliën 2022

My Paradise, My Worldly Garden

"My paradise, my worldly garden" will be the theme of Floralies in 2022.
In our society people are increasingly looking for silence and rest, for themselves and for their personal paradise. That paradise lies in a different place for everyone. Some find it in their green living room, others feel best in a park or in their own garden.


A worldly garden

Van Eyck painted The Mystic Lamb in our city and millions of visitors come to admire his masterpiece every year. The middle panel of The Mystic Lamb shows a heavenly medieval garden full of symbolism. It is a lush setting of worldly plants and flowers.

Biologist Paul Van den Bremt and pharmacist Hilde Van Crombrugge recognize no less than 75 different species of flowers in it. The colors of the work blossom during Floralies in fairy-like spectacles. You will also be able to smell the flowers that appear in The Mystic Lamb.

The book is available through our webshop.


The print of Bishop Triest's garden, just outside of Ghent, clearly shows a separated utility garden and pleasure garden. In the gardens we see both native and non-native utility and ornamental plants. In this way, a picture is painted around the use and migration of flowers and plants.


Wim Opbrouck features the campaign image of the next edition as an angel with wings of flowers. The actor lost his heart completely to the city of Ghent and also clearly left his mark on life in our city in the past.

Something for everyone!

Floralies 2022 is for everyone. Would you like to know more about green, blossoming and floral art? 

Floralies also organizes workshops and lectures for young and old. Flowers and plants will of course be central. The organisation wants to bring together both young and old with a heart for flowers and plants, and gather and share knowledge about them.

More than ever, Floralies is opening its doors to a broad public in the city, the region and at home and abroad. Come and discover it for yourself!

Some tickets also give access to the Floralies, if this is the case then it is always mentioned.

(program follows)

In the spotlight: Top florists, horticulturalists and garden architects

More info will be released shortly about the top florists, horticulturalists and garden architects who will participate in the 2022 Floraliën. 

Parallel activities in Ghent

More info will be released shortly about the parallel activities that will be organised in Ghent by the partners of the 2022 Floraliën. 

The route of the 2022 Floraliën

Soon the map of Floraliën 2022 will be released. The flower and plant festival will take place in the familiar buildings of ICC, the Floraliënhal and the Kuipke. 

Come and discover for yourself in 2022

  • 1.5 ha courtyard and 1.5 km discovery trail
  • more than 500,000 flowers and plants
  • learn from professionals and sign up for a workshop or a demonstration
  • let your children go wild in the children's workshop 

Come, look, experience and participate in the various activities.

We will post the full route here soon.