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Groups from 25 persons

Group visits can be combined with:

Breakfast (between 8 am and 10 am) 

Lunch (between noon and 2 pm)

Afternoon tea (between 2 pm and 4 pm) 


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Children and young people hold the future in their hands. The earlier we can make them aware of the meaning and importance of flowers and plants in their (urbanized) environment, the better. Floraliën offers the perfect opportunity to actively involve your students in a green experience, with special attention for sustainability and new future possibilities, and with an eye for history as well. 
The full programme will be available soon on our website.

School rate 
There is a special rate for groups of pupils in secondary education: €5 per pupil (per group of 20 pupils, 1 accompanying adult has free entry). 
For more information and reservations please send a mail to Veerle Tuytschaever via

Overview of guides associations

1. Guides of Ghent

The Guides of Ghent vzw are a team of over 100 certified, multilingual guides who provide informative and interactive guided tours for groups and individual visitors. Within the Floraliën exhibition hall, they offer an expert explanation of the history of this unique flower exhibition and they are happy to share their passion for horticulture. From ‘azalea to zinnia’: the Guides de Gand will tell you all about them!

+32 9 233 07 72 (only during office hours)

2. Gandante

The Ghent guide organisation, Gandante, will let you discover the Floraliën in various ways. Naturally they focus on the flower displays, but they will always place them in a broader context by making historical, ecological and social links. Their domain is the history of the city of Ghent, and the Floraliën are an important part of that. We can call upon 30 enthusiastic guides who will be happy to provide your group with a tour of the site. What’s more, they have also compiled various guided tours outside the site that can be combined with a visit to the Floraliën.

Sophie Coppieters - | +32 9 375 31 61 (during office hours only)
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